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Monday, May 16, 2005

Laziness = No recent posts

Well here I am again. One would think I would get off my lazy butt and post more, but nooooooo. I have a shawl (capelet?) finished. I am so proud and I looooooooooooooooooooooove it. I made it from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Currently I can say that is probably my most favorite yarn to work with. My god that baby is soft. OK, the color is nothing to brag about but I still love the yarn and don't care. I wear it everywhere. Picture, picture. I will post one, I don't have any good ones of it right now. Husband makes fun of me when I ask him to take pics for me so I am kinda hesitant to ask him anymore and my son is not quite 4 and really not the best person to be asking to mess with anything more complicated than a candy wrapper.

I used the pattern from the Spring/Summer 2005 edition of Family Circle's Easy Knitting magazine. I rather like the patterns in it and this one was a success. Nevermind the fact I tried to make the shawl on my own with no directions and failed miserably so had to frog the whole thing and restart, this time with that pattern and wonderful results. I hated doing the edges because that was all crochet. I don't mind crocheting, but it was all chain stitch and it took forever! I was anxious to get it finished and see how it looked and when you finally think you are nearly done and then have to do hours and hours of finish work, its kinda frustrating. It was worth it tho, I like how the edge lays.The only thing I did different with this pattern was to not crochet the edging chains so long. I felt it didn't look good so just shortened each piece by 3 chains if I recall correctly. Have I mentioned recently how I love the shawl? No? Well I do. LOL

So my next project is a sweater for my son. Yes, I know that summer is almost here I am making it bigger so he can wear it next fall that and I live in an area where we can expect winter-like chill into June. At the rate I am going, however, I probably won't have it finished till August. Life has been strangely busy lately and I have not had much time for knitting.

The pattern I am using is from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts I like that book, the patterns are very nice and easy, some I don't quite relate to but the hats and sweaters and whatnot are quite nice. I am using Knitpick's merino yarn for it, in nutmeg and cinnamon. I love Knitpics yarn. Love it love the price more than anything. For the sweater the main body is in nutmeg and for the seed stitch hems I am doing them in cinnamon to give it more pop. I didn't like it in a single color for some reason. Maybe its just because I don't like the color in the book, who knows.

Anyway, that is what I am up to right now. I still have unfinished projects languishing in my project bag. That stupid shrug I haven't finished yet, a sweater for me based on the Hourglass sweater and a tanktop for me in a cotton yarn that I don't like the feel of a whole lot so keep procrastinating on it. Nothing super exciting really. With luck, I will be less lazy and post more. I feel so guilty for depriving you all from my unusual sense of humor. HAH! OK, I am sure you can do without my humor but I do think I need to post more, its good practice.... or something. Ta for now!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Progress and a Stalled Project or Two

So progress is slow, I am working on a few things, I am currently putting my fishtail lace sweater on hold for the moment because I do not have enough yarn to finish, I don't think and the color I am using from KnitPicks is backordered till April. No sense getting too worked up on it. Instead I am working on a poncho, well, I don't like calling it a poncho, that always brings mind big things with points and 70's styles which is SO not me. Its not a shawl because I am working in the round and it isn't what I would call a caplet either. I really don't know what to call it, but I think it will look cool when I am finished, I have about 5 inches left to knit and am basically in the decrease section anyway so it should go faster. I am rather excited about it, another one of those things I invented. I still haven't finished that shrug. God I hate that yarn. I just need to suck it up and get back to knitting it. Its kind of hard tho, when one is making something else out of cashmerino. Lovely stuff, that.

I had an epiphany the other day, I do not know if the idea will come into fruition but I do believe I shall give it a go. I am not a little girl. No no, strike that image of a 500 lb.. Sumo wrestler out of your head. I am not THAT big, but I am certainly no size 3 or 5 or 7 or whatnot. The problem is this, all patterns that are cool are designed for the pretty thin sorts. Not that I have anything against that but the patterns I have found for the larger woman are either ill suited for a fuller body or just lame and out of date. My idea? I am sure you can see where I am going with this. I am going to start designing suitable stylish patterns for those who belong to the "More of Me to Love" Club. I have several ideas swirling around in my head and with luck I can get them worked up and designed so that they are easy to knit and end up with pleasing results. Of course my ultimate goal is to get published but considering I am still a n00b knitter, I figure I will need to put in my time and sweat hours before that happens. I have the stubbornness to accomplish it tho.

Wow, boring post today, no pics or anything. Well, erm, wait. That hat I made. The Stitch and Bitch Cabled Hat. Yes, simple and nice. My 3 year old claimed it after I was finished, it fits him perfect so not bad in my opinion.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I need to figure out how to make my pics smaller, eh? Anyway, for anyone who is afraid of cables, don't be, they are the simplest things around and actually rather fun. I haven't done something complicated where you use a chart but I don't think that would be too hard.

Oh and pardon the strange text and whatnot. I am experimenting with a blogger editor so I can be lazy and avoid typing in code and its trial and error with me to get it right. Either way, tada on the hat and as soon as I finish the ponchoette thing I will post that. I am loving it, then again I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and that is soooooooooo delicious to knit with.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Woo, ok, so I sit here, still stuffed from the meal the evening before. I got a brainstorm and decided to revamp a favorite recipe of mine, making it a LOT easier. I am terribly pleased with the results.

Spinach Pork Parmesan

1 lb Pork Cutlets
1 pkg Shake & Bake, extra crispy
1 pkg Spinach spaghetti noodles
1 jar Vegetable Marinara Sauce (spaghetti sauce will suffice)
3 T Grated Parmesan

Cut pork cutlets in half to form medallions about the size of a deck of cards, rinse. Follow directions for shake and bake, making sure add 3 T of parmesan to the bag, Coat the pork well and bake it as directed. While it bakes boil water for noodles, salt may be added if desired. Boil noodles as directed on the package. Pour spaghetti sauce into a medium saucepan. Warm the sauce on medium-low heat to prevent splattering. Once done place a bed of noodles onto a plate, place one pork cutlet onto noodles, pour sauce over everything. Sprinkle extra parmesan over all and serve.

It is amazingly simple and with the addition of vegetable marinara and spinach noodles it makes it substantially healthier. I also am not a fan of frying so like using the shake and bake method far better. It is not veal parmesan but hell its good eatin'. I also paired it with a recipe for spinach pinwheel rolls that I got from the latest edition of Quick Cooking Magazine. All you need for those are a bag of well rinsed spinach leaves, garlic and chive cream cheese spread and those roll and bake pilsbury cresent rolls. The recipe called for shaved ham as well but I deleted that simply because there was no need when I was making them as an accompaniment with my pork dinner. One could probably also add parmesan to the rolls as well but I didn't want to make the meal 'too' cheesy.

It still turned out extremely well and I had to really talk myself out of a second helping since I did not need it.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Slow Knitting

Well, I have a few projects going right now, nothing making any substantial progress. Life keeps stealing me away from my knitting, durnit. I started a shrug a while ago, and once its finished I think it will look neat but the problem is that I hate the yarn, Just HATE it. It was some Red Heart Light and Lofty I got when I first started learning how to knit. I didn't know any better then, I suppose. Its the snaggingest, splittingest pain in the ass fibre I have ever dealt with. Live and learn, I suppose. If I can get past my hate for the yarn, I can finish the shrug. It will be pretty thick and fuzzy and I am making larger bell sleeves because I am a bell sleeve fan. I also made it so it will go to just above my fingertips. I like long sleeves and since the pattern I am using is notorious for long sleeves, I think I will be happy. I just need to FINISH it. I am about half done.

The pattern I am using is this one: Magnits Hug Shrug

My next project, one I am far more proud of is a sweater I am making, it will be my second sweater I have ever made. I discovered KnitPics yarn and am very happy with it so am using some Wool of the Andes in... mullberry I think was the color. Oddly, I am not a real fan of pink and I keep making pink sweaters. Call me an idiot. The sweater is based on the Hourglass Sweater pattrern in The Last Minute Gifts book. Its not a sweater I would make normally but I am altering it by using a fishtail lace pattern I learned from this thread: Woolgathered's Love Bite Neckwarmer Its a beautiful lace pattern, and what I like about it, is that it is not 'too' delicate, so snagging isnt such a problem. I am about 8 inches into the sweater. I am adding the lace to the bottom, making the sleeves larger bell sleeves and putting the lace on the edges. I am contemplating changing the neck shape of the sweater and adding a bit more lace there but I haven't quite figured out how I will do that. Perhaps I will be more experienced with pattern alterations by the time I get to that point. Knitting for me is a experiement, and a fun one, so no matter how I do it, I think I will be quite pleased.

Once I quit being so lazy I will take some pics of my progress on both projeccts. The other thing I am going to do is make the Basic Cable Hat from the Stitch & Bitch Nation book. I made one already that I will post on later, but its shorter than I like so I am giving it to my 4 year old niece. I just need to wind my cascade 220 into a ball so I can start on it. Cables are fun actually. Far simpler than I was expecting.

That's it thus far. I will probalby post pics of the hat later today or tomorrow or whever I get past this case of the lazies I have right now.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Warm neck, warm heart?

So Valentine's Day is sneaking up on me carrying the sledgehammer of love. Ok, so not quite the reality but it seems to be zooming up too fast for comfort. Not that me and my significant other do much usually. He works all the time and I raise our son so romance tends to be forgotten. Often. Then again, he was never the romantic sort. His idea of romance is for me to fix a good dinner and cap it off with a nice frolick in the sack. Hmm, no flowers? Chocolates? Nah, who needs that if you have sex?

Anyway, enough of the neagtivity and lets focus on my latest project: a neckwarmer. I found the pattern for this project at www.craftster.org. Its an excellent place for knitters, or for crafters of any sort really. I usually hang in the knitting section however, lots of good peoples there. Wow, all sorts of digression once again. Back to the pattern. Woolgathered created the project. I adored it. I knitted it. I frogged it. I knitted it. I frogged it. I knitted it. I grew frustrated, contacted woolgathered. We decided the pattern wasn't correct for the large size, which is what I was making. I frogged it again, I started over and began revamping it so it would work properly. I finished it. Yay! And I have to say I am terribly proud of myself for figuing out just why it was going wrong. I fair accomplishment, I would think, for someone who started knitting only 4 months ago. She is in the process of correcting the website for the large size of the neckwarmer. Excellent pattern really, my first lace project.

This would be the finished project. I used Cascade 220 as the yarn as I rather enjoy the feel of it. I found out, after finishing it, that I misread a section of the pattern directions so the lace is too long, but I still like it and the lady I gave it to loves it. The buttons are a basic heart button I bought at Hancock Fabrics. Nothing exciting but fit the whole 'love' theme. They are antiqued heart buttons, if it is not easy to see.

As far as the problems with the pattern. Woolgathered will be updating the site when she has a chance so I won't go into details but the biggest problem is the fishtail lace is done in groupings of 11 stitches but the rib pattern is a 6 stitch group, the large adds another 11 stitches with adds an awkward amount of extra stitches. In the decrease row after finishing the lace, I did one more decrease to leave me with 80 stitches and that will balance it out, it still does not follow the pattern however due to the extra rib. So just remembering that the first four and last four stitches are seed stitch and the rest is rib makes it easy to adjust as necessary. I didn't understand the buttonhole directions either so just did a usual bind off/cast on buttonhole. The first I have ever made actually and I thought it turned out. Yay.

The pattern for this project is posted here:
Woolgathered's Love Bite Neckwarmer

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Little Brother's Scarf

Hosted by Photobucket.com

here is one of my first knitting projects. I had started making odd

ball hats and whatnot but I needed something for my brother for

christmas. Its a basic k2p2 pattern so uber-easy. I did make it pretty

wids, irnorance is bliss. The redeeming thing is he can fold it in half

for more warmth. It was made out of some old acrylic yarn I had lying

around, first because it was all I had and second because my brother

has a wool allergy so it all works out.

Knitting is Knourishment

Ok, so a semi-lame title, but one I actually believe in. Knitting nourishes the soul, it is done to relax and unwind and during that time you are creating something yourself. Far better than anything store boughten if you ask me.

Give me a few to figure this out and I will post pictures of my works.

I am also very into recipes and have a bad habit of starting with a basic recipe and then continuing to quirk it till it is something wholly different and tastey. Ok, so I have had a few ... eh... minor disasters, but for the most part my luck is good when revamping something. I do have to admit ending up with a gravy that was pink wasnt overly appealing but, ah well, live and learn.