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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Little Brother's Scarf

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here is one of my first knitting projects. I had started making odd

ball hats and whatnot but I needed something for my brother for

christmas. Its a basic k2p2 pattern so uber-easy. I did make it pretty

wids, irnorance is bliss. The redeeming thing is he can fold it in half

for more warmth. It was made out of some old acrylic yarn I had lying

around, first because it was all I had and second because my brother

has a wool allergy so it all works out.

Knitting is Knourishment

Ok, so a semi-lame title, but one I actually believe in. Knitting nourishes the soul, it is done to relax and unwind and during that time you are creating something yourself. Far better than anything store boughten if you ask me.

Give me a few to figure this out and I will post pictures of my works.

I am also very into recipes and have a bad habit of starting with a basic recipe and then continuing to quirk it till it is something wholly different and tastey. Ok, so I have had a few ... eh... minor disasters, but for the most part my luck is good when revamping something. I do have to admit ending up with a gravy that was pink wasnt overly appealing but, ah well, live and learn.