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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Little Brother's Scarf

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here is one of my first knitting projects. I had started making odd

ball hats and whatnot but I needed something for my brother for

christmas. Its a basic k2p2 pattern so uber-easy. I did make it pretty

wids, irnorance is bliss. The redeeming thing is he can fold it in half

for more warmth. It was made out of some old acrylic yarn I had lying

around, first because it was all I had and second because my brother

has a wool allergy so it all works out.


At 18 March, 2005 12:19, Anonymous D7 said...

I think this work needs some more color in it. Its a little dull :D
But all in all its very good keep up the good work :P
You ever make a more colorful one mail it to me


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