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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Woo, ok, so I sit here, still stuffed from the meal the evening before. I got a brainstorm and decided to revamp a favorite recipe of mine, making it a LOT easier. I am terribly pleased with the results.

Spinach Pork Parmesan

1 lb Pork Cutlets
1 pkg Shake & Bake, extra crispy
1 pkg Spinach spaghetti noodles
1 jar Vegetable Marinara Sauce (spaghetti sauce will suffice)
3 T Grated Parmesan

Cut pork cutlets in half to form medallions about the size of a deck of cards, rinse. Follow directions for shake and bake, making sure add 3 T of parmesan to the bag, Coat the pork well and bake it as directed. While it bakes boil water for noodles, salt may be added if desired. Boil noodles as directed on the package. Pour spaghetti sauce into a medium saucepan. Warm the sauce on medium-low heat to prevent splattering. Once done place a bed of noodles onto a plate, place one pork cutlet onto noodles, pour sauce over everything. Sprinkle extra parmesan over all and serve.

It is amazingly simple and with the addition of vegetable marinara and spinach noodles it makes it substantially healthier. I also am not a fan of frying so like using the shake and bake method far better. It is not veal parmesan but hell its good eatin'. I also paired it with a recipe for spinach pinwheel rolls that I got from the latest edition of Quick Cooking Magazine. All you need for those are a bag of well rinsed spinach leaves, garlic and chive cream cheese spread and those roll and bake pilsbury cresent rolls. The recipe called for shaved ham as well but I deleted that simply because there was no need when I was making them as an accompaniment with my pork dinner. One could probably also add parmesan to the rolls as well but I didn't want to make the meal 'too' cheesy.

It still turned out extremely well and I had to really talk myself out of a second helping since I did not need it.


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