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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Slow Knitting

Well, I have a few projects going right now, nothing making any substantial progress. Life keeps stealing me away from my knitting, durnit. I started a shrug a while ago, and once its finished I think it will look neat but the problem is that I hate the yarn, Just HATE it. It was some Red Heart Light and Lofty I got when I first started learning how to knit. I didn't know any better then, I suppose. Its the snaggingest, splittingest pain in the ass fibre I have ever dealt with. Live and learn, I suppose. If I can get past my hate for the yarn, I can finish the shrug. It will be pretty thick and fuzzy and I am making larger bell sleeves because I am a bell sleeve fan. I also made it so it will go to just above my fingertips. I like long sleeves and since the pattern I am using is notorious for long sleeves, I think I will be happy. I just need to FINISH it. I am about half done.

The pattern I am using is this one: Magnits Hug Shrug

My next project, one I am far more proud of is a sweater I am making, it will be my second sweater I have ever made. I discovered KnitPics yarn and am very happy with it so am using some Wool of the Andes in... mullberry I think was the color. Oddly, I am not a real fan of pink and I keep making pink sweaters. Call me an idiot. The sweater is based on the Hourglass Sweater pattrern in The Last Minute Gifts book. Its not a sweater I would make normally but I am altering it by using a fishtail lace pattern I learned from this thread: Woolgathered's Love Bite Neckwarmer Its a beautiful lace pattern, and what I like about it, is that it is not 'too' delicate, so snagging isnt such a problem. I am about 8 inches into the sweater. I am adding the lace to the bottom, making the sleeves larger bell sleeves and putting the lace on the edges. I am contemplating changing the neck shape of the sweater and adding a bit more lace there but I haven't quite figured out how I will do that. Perhaps I will be more experienced with pattern alterations by the time I get to that point. Knitting for me is a experiement, and a fun one, so no matter how I do it, I think I will be quite pleased.

Once I quit being so lazy I will take some pics of my progress on both projeccts. The other thing I am going to do is make the Basic Cable Hat from the Stitch & Bitch Nation book. I made one already that I will post on later, but its shorter than I like so I am giving it to my 4 year old niece. I just need to wind my cascade 220 into a ball so I can start on it. Cables are fun actually. Far simpler than I was expecting.

That's it thus far. I will probalby post pics of the hat later today or tomorrow or whever I get past this case of the lazies I have right now.


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