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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Warm neck, warm heart?

So Valentine's Day is sneaking up on me carrying the sledgehammer of love. Ok, so not quite the reality but it seems to be zooming up too fast for comfort. Not that me and my significant other do much usually. He works all the time and I raise our son so romance tends to be forgotten. Often. Then again, he was never the romantic sort. His idea of romance is for me to fix a good dinner and cap it off with a nice frolick in the sack. Hmm, no flowers? Chocolates? Nah, who needs that if you have sex?

Anyway, enough of the neagtivity and lets focus on my latest project: a neckwarmer. I found the pattern for this project at www.craftster.org. Its an excellent place for knitters, or for crafters of any sort really. I usually hang in the knitting section however, lots of good peoples there. Wow, all sorts of digression once again. Back to the pattern. Woolgathered created the project. I adored it. I knitted it. I frogged it. I knitted it. I frogged it. I knitted it. I grew frustrated, contacted woolgathered. We decided the pattern wasn't correct for the large size, which is what I was making. I frogged it again, I started over and began revamping it so it would work properly. I finished it. Yay! And I have to say I am terribly proud of myself for figuing out just why it was going wrong. I fair accomplishment, I would think, for someone who started knitting only 4 months ago. She is in the process of correcting the website for the large size of the neckwarmer. Excellent pattern really, my first lace project.

This would be the finished project. I used Cascade 220 as the yarn as I rather enjoy the feel of it. I found out, after finishing it, that I misread a section of the pattern directions so the lace is too long, but I still like it and the lady I gave it to loves it. The buttons are a basic heart button I bought at Hancock Fabrics. Nothing exciting but fit the whole 'love' theme. They are antiqued heart buttons, if it is not easy to see.

As far as the problems with the pattern. Woolgathered will be updating the site when she has a chance so I won't go into details but the biggest problem is the fishtail lace is done in groupings of 11 stitches but the rib pattern is a 6 stitch group, the large adds another 11 stitches with adds an awkward amount of extra stitches. In the decrease row after finishing the lace, I did one more decrease to leave me with 80 stitches and that will balance it out, it still does not follow the pattern however due to the extra rib. So just remembering that the first four and last four stitches are seed stitch and the rest is rib makes it easy to adjust as necessary. I didn't understand the buttonhole directions either so just did a usual bind off/cast on buttonhole. The first I have ever made actually and I thought it turned out. Yay.

The pattern for this project is posted here:
Woolgathered's Love Bite Neckwarmer


At 09 February, 2005 12:08, Blogger Kitten said...

Regardless of how the stitches work out, I think it looks great!


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