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Monday, May 16, 2005

Laziness = No recent posts

Well here I am again. One would think I would get off my lazy butt and post more, but nooooooo. I have a shawl (capelet?) finished. I am so proud and I looooooooooooooooooooooove it. I made it from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Currently I can say that is probably my most favorite yarn to work with. My god that baby is soft. OK, the color is nothing to brag about but I still love the yarn and don't care. I wear it everywhere. Picture, picture. I will post one, I don't have any good ones of it right now. Husband makes fun of me when I ask him to take pics for me so I am kinda hesitant to ask him anymore and my son is not quite 4 and really not the best person to be asking to mess with anything more complicated than a candy wrapper.

I used the pattern from the Spring/Summer 2005 edition of Family Circle's Easy Knitting magazine. I rather like the patterns in it and this one was a success. Nevermind the fact I tried to make the shawl on my own with no directions and failed miserably so had to frog the whole thing and restart, this time with that pattern and wonderful results. I hated doing the edges because that was all crochet. I don't mind crocheting, but it was all chain stitch and it took forever! I was anxious to get it finished and see how it looked and when you finally think you are nearly done and then have to do hours and hours of finish work, its kinda frustrating. It was worth it tho, I like how the edge lays.The only thing I did different with this pattern was to not crochet the edging chains so long. I felt it didn't look good so just shortened each piece by 3 chains if I recall correctly. Have I mentioned recently how I love the shawl? No? Well I do. LOL

So my next project is a sweater for my son. Yes, I know that summer is almost here I am making it bigger so he can wear it next fall that and I live in an area where we can expect winter-like chill into June. At the rate I am going, however, I probably won't have it finished till August. Life has been strangely busy lately and I have not had much time for knitting.

The pattern I am using is from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts I like that book, the patterns are very nice and easy, some I don't quite relate to but the hats and sweaters and whatnot are quite nice. I am using Knitpick's merino yarn for it, in nutmeg and cinnamon. I love Knitpics yarn. Love it love the price more than anything. For the sweater the main body is in nutmeg and for the seed stitch hems I am doing them in cinnamon to give it more pop. I didn't like it in a single color for some reason. Maybe its just because I don't like the color in the book, who knows.

Anyway, that is what I am up to right now. I still have unfinished projects languishing in my project bag. That stupid shrug I haven't finished yet, a sweater for me based on the Hourglass sweater and a tanktop for me in a cotton yarn that I don't like the feel of a whole lot so keep procrastinating on it. Nothing super exciting really. With luck, I will be less lazy and post more. I feel so guilty for depriving you all from my unusual sense of humor. HAH! OK, I am sure you can do without my humor but I do think I need to post more, its good practice.... or something. Ta for now!


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At 30 March, 2006 10:55, Blogger Pat said...

Your capelet is lovely! I love the color!

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